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AC Installation in Cleveland, OH

As much as people can’t wait for summer to arrive, there are some of us who dread the scorching heat and sweaty, humid conditions. The best way to prevent these undesirable conditions is to install an AC. 

Summer is when Cleveland really shines. If you plan on getting an air conditioning installation in Cleveland, you should consider several factors. Continue reading for more information.

Helpful Tips To Consider For Hassle-Free Air Conditioner Installation

  • AC Brand, Size, and Energy Efficiency: We often keep our budget as top priority above all other factors while investing in an air conditioning unit. Budget is an essential factor but not more important than the AC brand and its features.

    The durability of your AC unit depends on its brand. Also, the quality of the AC performance depends on its features. Always buy a popular AC model with high energy efficiency and low noise level. Also, prioritize the AC size you require.

    You should have an idea of the AC size requirement before you look for AC installation in Cleveland, OH. Each ton of AC has a specific BTU level to know the cooling capacity your AC unit will have. Multiply the length and breadth of your house by 25, and the product you get is the BTU your AC must have.

  • Ductless v/s Ducted Air Conditioner: Not all houses are suitable for ductwork installation, especially apartments or flats. Discuss with the HVAC technician whether the ductwork installation will work fine for you or not. Ducted AC is usually less expensive than a ductless air conditioner.

    A ductless AC consumes less energy and is easier to maintain. You can also use a ductless air conditioning unit during winter because it circulates both cool and hot air.

    The ductless AC also has a multi-zone feature. You can control the temperature of every room separately. However, the ducted AC is a better choice for big independent houses.

  • Installation Location and Technician: Do not install your AC yourself. Installing the AC at the wrong location is a common mistake during DIY installation. The wrong location can later trouble you with poor cooling, temperature variations, constantly running the compressor, short cycling, etc.

    If you hire a certified and experienced technician for AC installation, you will not have to worry about the mentioned problems. The technician will take care of the suitable AC installation location.

    You get many benefits by installing an AC. It has provided a soothing and refreshing indoor for more than a decade. An AC makes the home welcoming for everyone who visits you and provides the air quality required for good health. In short, air conditioning installation in Cleveland is a value-for-money decision.


If you want an AC installation this summer, you only need a trustworthy and experienced HVAC contractor. BNK Heating and Cooling has provided highly beneficial and reliable HVAC services in Cleveland for over two decades. All our services are affordable and durable. Call us now if you have any queries about our HVAC services.