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Why Are Furnace Safety Checks Important?

At BNK Heating & Cooling we provide superior furnace installation in Cleveland, OH. Our technicians have always been the first choice to help homeowners and residents cope with  unbearable winters. Our experts warn homeowners that their furnace can pose safety risks which can be avoided with routine check-ups and safety measures. If you follow furnace safety tips, you can prevent these risks.

Furnace Safety Tips For Maintaining A Risk-Free Environment

The furnace safety checks and heating services in Cleveland, OH, are essential because these steps ensure a safe, secure, comfortable, and healthy lifestyle without compromise. These six furnace safety checks will help you avoid heating risks.

  •  Prevent Mold Growth: Dirt, allergens, pet dander’s, etc., are the source of mold growth which causes bacteria growth. Mold growth is possible in furnace equipment and ductwork if you do not keep them clean.

    You should schedule maintenance service twice annually and duct cleaning service once every three years after furnace installation in Cleveland, OH.

    You should cut the outdoor vegetation to prevent debris from entering the HVAC. The HVAC cleaning routine will help you prevent mold growth.

  • Prevent Fire Hazards: If you keep flammable things near the furnace and do not maintain ductwork, electrical connections, etc., the furnace unit can cause a fire hazard. You should maintain a 30-inch clearance space around the furnace. Ensure that no such thing that catches fire is near your furnace unit.

  • Check Heat Exchanger: The cracked, broken, or dirty heat exchanger should be immediately repaired or replaced by scheduling a heating service in Cleveland, OH with our technicians. The warning signs that your heat exchanger can cause harmful leakage or fire hazard are the following:
  1. Soot build-up around the furnace cabinet. 
  2. Excess moisture or water at the bottom of the furnace.
  3. Condensation over furnace or windows.
  • Dispose Of A Dirty Filter: Mostly clogging is responsible for leakage, overheating, and heating failures. Clogging is the outcome of the dirty air filter. Therefore, you should dispose of the dusty and dirty air filter every three months to prevent furnace safety risks.

  • Inspect CO Detector: The CO gas is harmful, but it is odorless and colorless. It is the reason why installing a CO and smoke detector is essential. Install the carbon monoxide detector in all rooms.
    The CO detector may need a new battery if it is not working. If the carbon monoxide alarm is not responding after placing the new battery, you should schedule a heating service in Cleveland, OH, to replace it.

  •  Get A New Heater: If you keep using your old and degraded heating equipment, it will cause various risks. You should get the new furnace installation in Cleveland, OH, done by an experienced professional once your furnace completes its average lifespan.

Heating Services In Cleveland, Oh

You should schedule heating repair timely when you experience heating malfunctions because some heating issues may indicate potential hazards. BNK Heating & Cooling is a master at improving heating performance and maintaining HVAC safety. Schedule service with the best in the business. Our technicians are skilled with years of experience to back their work. Contact us today!